Battery Test!

In today’s world, we are all BUSY….Jobs, kids, family, friends just to name a few. But are we really busy or are we distracted?

Take this quick test: on your phone pull up your settings tab (iphone users, andriod users you might have to google it) then click battery menu. As it populates scroll down and click last 7 days tab. Now hold your breath and be ready to see how many hours, within the past 7 days you have been on social media. For some of us, it can be the equivalent of a part-time job.

My info: IG 6 hours and FB 4 hours…..that is horrific and I am totally embarrassed and upset with myself. Although I run the social media platforms for the gym I sit here and think about how I could be using that extra time; playing with jase, more exercise, more family time, reading, cleaning, spending more time at the gym with you guys 🙂

So if you are upset or even shocked by your number then TAKE ACTION TODAY!!!!!

Here is my plan:

1. Dedicate a 10-15 minutes a day to social media for work purpose and 10 minutes a day for personal purposes.

That’s it! Making your plan simple, short and realistic!

I am curious to hear all of your numbers so if you would like to share email or grab me at the gym!